Make me someone

~Make me someone~










Here I stand infront of you

Absence of smile

Like standing court box

I am buried into your heart

Since you made me somebody

You love me that what you told me

Scarce womens similar to you,

Beaten from feelings yet I cry no more

Sowed a seed into your fertile heart

and it has given fruitfully feelings.

Elivating from where met to some where

we destined.

Persuated seat where we can both be called

by roles when we throw rules.

Call me your majesty

When you call me husband

A rim in my fingure a sign of permition

to God 

Make me someone 

Trust my words 

Pass those pains

Make me a king

I’ll make you my queen

Scars into both hearts makes us twins

Like overdosing pills give a long sleep

Wake me in bed for that warm shower for both king and queen to share.

Be my mistress when you dismiss curse.

Stare me into my eyes tell me 

what do you see.

There’s a foundation of these feelings 

Search within and you might brings of love

Just take these brings and put them in the foundation.

As always look at me and see love that you built

Nobody is gonna touch or search keep it sealed.

Make me someone

You have made me a man enough

That too much ask

Someone you would not doubt

A man you won’t shout when we fight.

Please my love make me someone

Request is setting waiting for you respond.

We make a great team

Let be champions

Through this combination

We can’t be compare

Yeah my Eva let ride forever

Through thorn let walk barefoot

I’m planning to leave foot print

As much as I’m gonna be a king

Will you MARRY ME?


~Make me someone~

POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3



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