My Juliet








Allow me open this book

Face me with a smile written 

With my name on your heart

For your love I die each second

When I close my eyes I only see you.

Wipe this rainy tears

Chase all these fears

Clear my heart

Spring clean my mind

Cultivate my future

As you sow seed

This love is flower

Between gardens

Follow my lead

Like a sunflower

Whisper your dreams

And I teach you how to sleep

Design this garment

your angel look

as you face me

tease me,

My Juliet

Make vows 

Only if you leave me

As I am connected to you

I’ll even die in sleepless

Stars singing 

A moon leading

When tomorrow come

The sun will bury pains

Refrigerated souls

For cool place

Dust my eyes

Comfort me through cold

Wear me like your jacket

As I promise to be buried

with you in same casket.

Drink me through thirst

Eat me through hunger.

My Juliet

Here are vows

Never move to this position

Registered you in my partition

Captivate your soul

Bury pain to charcoal.

This heart of mine is book

as I promise this chapter last

From Genesis to Revelation

I’ll live my life in the fullest

Cause I desire my Juliet



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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