Poetry Beast







I have murdered so many vowels


You wonder why police kept my


Because I strike forces of soul

And leave them peacefully

For Devil to sweat

Yet thirsty for blood.

Carry my sword.

With my white flag 

As I represent poetry hood

Father Teresa I am since 

I provide food,

I stand for the good and against the bad.

I kept mountains melting ice

When the soul striked

I do and I have done magic

without codes,

Call me poetry beast

As I stand against paper with pen kiss.

Frequency I’m always on air I don’t

loose signal as I strike for peace making

realize I’m down on earth.

God send me to hell for soul to fetch.

I squat down in bushes with my uploaded mind.

On staircases,elevators by standing on thoughts.

My head has turned into a hand of prisoner with head calf of thoughts 

I’m poetry beast I suppose.

I live the land without moving

Take a flight without smoking.

Hell I am poetry beast.

As the paper ask kiss.

I discipline empty minds

And leave them reloaded with float paper boats.

As my thoughts fly like a kite over wind

I’m a poetry that not a sin

You even call me a pen king.



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3




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