I’m married to poetry,

I breath poetry,

I speak poetry

I live in poetry world

DaSoulstriker is word

Poetry is a word from the world

I’m positively attached to you


You are my father,mother,sister and brother

Since you always bring peace

You’re the sun shine from the Northern side to Eastern side,

You kept me calm without pride

As for you I’m proud.

Keep growing in those green grasses in ground.

Be wide like the endless oceans.

I love you from death to my living 

from that love potion.

You signed your name to my heart

Every night you’re created in stars,

O my love poetry tell me this is not

a nightmare.

This same feeling we both share.

POETRY don’t let them murder me.

O my one and only poetry

How beautiful you heal my pains

I pray the good always remain.

From you I cry I laugh

But still I stand steel

We are now got something common

like twins

Which is word POETRY

I vow to love you from thick and thin

Together we are king and queen

Let get these castles builded



POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3



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