This piano rang so many times

Soulfully it doesn entertain no longer

Precisely tears deep inside,

A candle of grief from death human


A guitar with loose strings

Attached from the person who plays it

Colorfully in tears but as they flow I turn my back to everyone,

Act like fine when I’m dead

Pains from the needle that pinched my finger while I was sewing.

Devil in a colorful dress as she smiles like a good deed

Inside me I’m pointing fingers right through her eyes.

Plague of SAD MELODIES every night when I lay my head on pillow.

Which land could he/she been buried

Which lavatory does this melody plays

Betrayal from a trust I gave 

A smell of dead dog along the street I mesmerize this melodies of my night.

I should have gave the name this song

I should have kept the paper where I wrote this song but when I’m hearing it over night and not knowing who sings it.

SAD MELODIES it like a labor ward

I was so sure of this one but I wasn aware of this coward.

Spinning on a coin head or tail I would have known.

A better name I was gonna give except this ABORTION.

Squared papers over streets written safe abortion remind me of SAD MELODIES.

Could have been a boy 

Imagining myself buying toys

Could have been a girl.

Strictly I was gonna keep her like snail on shell.

I have not find peace from my one broken piece

This lefted me with so much of trust issues

To love and trust again I refuse




POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR |20|3



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