Stil on rags yearning riches

\Still on rags yearning riches\




Still on rags yearning riches

Where I’m gonna dress on snake skin suit

Driving a car with leather seats,

Wind down elbow out like sitting on a couch,

Still on rags yearning riches

The day where I’m gonna sit on big house filled with fancy furniture,

My prayers in recall sleeping with good food

Change of skin color

Where I’ll be a role model to my neighbors growing kids,

Sunday I go to church to thank God for hand giving.

Car on wide yard with a good paving

Man I’m having small dreams on a big mind

May the money not change who I am

But change how I live

That women I always dream off

Those kids I always watch them playing

Drive from work as fast for the sickness of the baby

Could be a dinner in town 

Speaking on a fancy phone

When my nest is done while I’m hatching these eggs.

I love you baby to that beautiful women giving a text…

While my life came on a curve finally I would be on torch everyone sees when I light.

My lounge turn into a Cinema

These are dreams God always remember

Fake jewelry no more

Aluminum from back to the from door.

Teach kids how to give to those who doesn have in hand

Counting their blessing like they do on the math

Turn them into trailer as I open them the way to their future.

Still on rags but yearn riches

The seed has been sowed

The yard has been paved

This is tombstone in future written in the memories of my living.

From Rags to riches

 A tree set the fruit out

That going to be a will to you my babies

Daddy won’t be like other daddies


\Still on rags yearn riches\

Story of my life inspired by Jozi Poet

BY |DaSoulstriker



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