One hell saturday

~One hell saturday~






Rainy day after I should have seen a sun face.

And smile on it comfort

Plus it also cold like liquor store cold rooms

The blanket is so much comfort.

I wouldn under mine this ship I’m sleeping on

And I know even dreams comes I dream deep.

Another hell of a saturday

When coward birds has flocks before the shoot.

Celebrating another mans victory

Who told who this not new.

The battle of words over the sight

I am still lefted behind since I did watch soccer i saw black and white,as well the green and white.

Tell me where gold was standing when the mines were open for the stars to dig the platinum.

Excitement over maximum calm your tune there’s another day to celebrate

Yes I’m talking to enemy the son of my flesh.

When my neighbor took over the seat you should have cheer my shoulder.

I know I am stronger than gomora and sodoma.

But still I expect family to moan and grief to daddies loss but I see them smile.

Stadium fully packed when they said go platinum how come still I call you son.

One hell of saturday when it rain in one mans eyes and one man laugh well it was never enough.

Buccaneers sea robbers man birth

If you don’t know ask Jomo I’m sure Kaizer can witness 

One hell of saturday on that seat 



~One hell of saturday~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker uGwacela

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet|Art Work International



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