Her eyes

~Her eyes~







Her eyes are the reason I stare at my phone for such long period. 


Find myself smiling alone


And end up talking alone “look at me like you’ll never see anyone

on earth”.


She always smile on her best.


Just to bury every pain that is hidden to this soul of mine.


Wonder how she sings?


Well she sings like a choir just to realize that it only her singing.


More than summer birds songs that moment I become a beat into her voice every moment when her mouth is open.


Her lips never lied


With her I smile alone even in a crowd I laugh at no joke but I know she’s the reason I become so excited to watch the greetings of the sun.


My wallpaper that never fade


I was covered by the mist as she came like a sun I had that warm of her presence and endured every moment of her words falling to the right ears.


She beaten the pain with cane of communication and commitment never the blind cause she never missed the spot.


When she strikes me from toes to the head I feel the wind that covers me as I move like the tree following the direction of the wind.


If knowing you was a crime than tell the judge to sentence to life.


So I could live forever guilty in knowing you but happy you never turned your back after knowing the worst of me.


All you promised still remain as a vow even if a leaf can die from suffering but 

I know very well I can die in your arms like a gun that will never shoot someone.


Your eyes made me talk so much as much they are the glass that I see myself but I can not see through but they explain the real you.


The angelic lives in you as you spread wings like a fearing bird from a hunter shot.


I know to explain can take me forever as this is an infinity expression where I can not show how deep you makes my thought sinks through your presence and your absence.


Dreaming those coming years where we both gonna living old with a shrink skin where we gonna be fighting poetical reciting on dinner table surrounded by the children


Those who won’t stop to listen from those words you’ll give like a puzzle.


With your grayish afro but hidden from wrapped cloth.


ImageThrough her eyes I see the future that can be not separated even in a path.


We’ll walk together even in a promised land.



~Her eyes~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work International



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