~Bullet proof~

~Bullet Proof~

My mother was a bullet proof.

Even if I fall that would be no excuse.

When she covered me out of the roof.

You taught me how to jump

But you didn’t tell me when to fall.

Fed me with your breast

And you never realize when it gonna end,

You had to put the little stone first just conquer.

Even if I had some questions you were there to answer.

The naughty kid I was

Teaching me every move to go forward.

My mother was a bullet proof.

For my life your advises became a tool when i had to build my own life

Dress me as i was born naked and the first person i set my eyes on as the

the love on the first sight.

I wasn’t expecting everything to go good but you won your battles fighting

so hard to raise a king.

Eventually I had to stay taraji

even if life had to fight me.

Stood up Garcia just to face every bad times that came on my journey.

I knew life was not about money.

Crossing fingers just to be a dre

Hoping that life could take from where I was to somewhere.

For bearing in the state of endurance under difficult circumstances.

Yes, I had to run strong be your name which is patience.

My mother was a bullet proof

Even if I can fall and let life get me shot I wouldn’t make that as an excuse.

Those shattered memories still stare into the wall watch her precious face over photo as if she is going to speak.

All I can say thank you mama for everything you did.

Taking a photo into my chest after a kiss.

Surround me with your spirit that all I need.

From my broken heart be my nurse I know you would stop this bleed.

Life shoot me down everyday since I’m a warrior.

If you were here you were going be my savior.

All I know I got to live the vision you ask me to be.

Become a good boy share truth free.

My mother was really a bullet proof since life is gun and challenges are the bullet.

~Bullet Proof~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work International

Vince The Soul Striker VS

Jozi Poet


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