~Can I~

~Can i~



Can the eye tell my story?


Just to feed your soul by words as we all know we are maiden by words which we must let our souls be feeded from the soil…


Like a root of tree that seek deep waters to find the growing…


You can call me DaSoulstriker by born I am Vincent through latin which means conquer for that my mom vision for me to live stronger..


As life is a war so it needs soldiers,


So I live my mama’s vision as I remember her doing the best cooking a better life for me in the kitchen,


Selling toys in the streets just for be like other kids..


I never beg for pocket money since I knew she was getting it so hard..


But it was never a retard since I’m still living it part..


‘Can eye tell my story?


The skinny by bones but fat by soul and mind ask those who got my back they’ll tell you how I took my step…


From being a child now I’m no longer scared of fire so I’m not a coward..


Just to make sure I raise Esihle over a positive balance..


Grandma knew the size of my pants and underwear even she didn had power/money to buy,


She had to beg to grandpa and cry that not lie…


Going to school with a triumph in stomach but you’ll never see that mark.


For I live to the fullest,


When I had to write with tears in my eyes cause life was never nice..


Where the whole entire family died in the same year including my mama right there.


Living life in fear thinking I might be the next in line as days drive…..


Where I had to be head without tail


Sisters were no where but one cousin was there but behind my age….


When he had cry and call my name and that time having no one to blame…


As you can just step out the door you’ll see plenty graves over the yard that time life seems so hard…


Better from a snake we head one hole to hide in 


When teachers had to give away their lunch box for they saw a smart kid in class but suffering from poverty…

Knowing very well no one to contact in eyes for their eyes were forever closed…


I had to be an orphan to be a better parent.


I had to be son without a father to make sure that I don’t abandon my own flesh..


I had to cover wounds even I wasn sure how to be a nurse….


But always said I’m gonna meet them in heaven even I don’t know the address…


Can eye tell my story?

Can I tell my story?

For I have seen a lot my life can taste so good but I been through pot for I had to be burn on fire come out as a good stew.


For what eyes saw a mouth can tell

CONQUER that my names as you spell….

Rural area is where I grew up where I had to study in front of the candle…

I wasn good in math but I knew how to calculates my problems 

As much as X was there so I could solve them..

The man I am is the same kid I was 

I know you never ask…

I grew hard as much my son growing fast…


~Can i~

Story by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet|Art Work International

Vince The Soul Striker VS

Jozi Poet-


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