~My day has come~

~My day has come~






The wise say you reap what you sow,


As much I had climb with my claws.


I lefted doors open those who were closed.


I chose wisely and honestly.


I had to kneel before him


For it all I wanted as I was breathing.


He had to kick me into the chest what a hard test.


The brave man I was I had to say “THANK YOU”


Cause I watched my son dressed into rags.


Perhaps he had a dream 


So it was me the only man to fulfill.


Either way I had to run or kill.


Being treated like a dog that ated on a dust bin.


Faked a smile knowing there’s a pain striking inside me.


Truthfully they say a promotion without challenges that a suicide.


I took God into my heart and pushed Devil aside.


When hard times stroke me I had to decide.


Penetrated by pain I gave birth sorrows


A medal of a warrior I expected it tomorrow.


He had to pay me nuts just to sow them 

I knew they were for harvest.

Sowed them through hardest


Walk from North to South in a disappearing cloud.


When the morning comes the pace of my heart beat changes into a train siren.


Even in that I had to stay calm and silence.


Until the day I had to be promoted the same man who mistreated me was demoted.


Those tears I cried watch him going straight to my seat.


I couldn watch him crying since it was the reap of my seed.


The smile on the face of my kid.


“Dad I’m so proud of you”


I cried five days looking back 


Stop looking back when you have take a front step.


Promotion comes with challenges the king had to follower of the used to be follower.


For I was on his seat.


My day has come


Reaping happiness apart from tears farm.


Money had to lie into my arms like a gun I had to shoot the suffering we been through.


Cry no more for God has open the close door.


Past and what done matter of letting go.


Cause my time has come.


The bright of this lighting bulb.



~My day has come~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work International

Vince The Soul Striker VS

Jozi Poet


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