~Absence of my son~

~Absence of my son~






The whole night I cry like a guitar from being beaten by solitude.

Absence of stars where I had to live through darkness.

Crying rivers that flow day and night.

Long journey I don’t wish to walk again.

When the sun kisses the mountains just for a morning greetings.

Do I have to hide myself with my thumb.

Tell me where were you 

The night I had weep blood without any bandish.

When I had to eat into floors like dogs tasting crumbs.

The moon had to be the light of my dark 

I needed that comfort of your hand that never ran tired.

I resembled my pains and sorrows just thinking you might miss where you lefted me.

Broken railway but I waited for train although I was already fit.

Eyes demanded water when cheeks ran dry and I had to cry.

Not knowing where I can seek you just to find the lost peace.

Angel of death came just in time asking for a kiss

But I had to hold and breath.

Where were you?

When I had to be in street corners begging a shelter when I was homeless by heart……

The night when I had to take the money on my pocket just to do what we were both fantasize….

I never I thought I could fall for what I always criticize…

You took my son away and asked him not to come near me

Remembering how I suffered when mama was there but my father was never near..

Do I have to let this happen to my son

Did you have to leave with him without him turning nine.

He had watch me walking behind.

Tell me where were you?

The night is small but the day become longer..

I had to live with my pains without a cure.

Helpless hopeless with sadness

Tell were you there when I had to go through this?



~Absence of my son~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work International

Vinces The Soul Striker VS


Jozi Poet


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