~Can we dance~

~Can we dance~












Just give me your finger.

I wanna be near.

Holding ribs into saxophone.

Makes your trembling sound into a ringing alert of a cellphone.

Just wanna switch of the signal.

Here now and forever I propose

Erasing what done cause you’re now mine.

Even in storms and waves at it high tempting time.

Can you dance with me

From the beat of my heart

Through the snap of my five fingers

Including the one you chose to put a gold ribbon to it..

Break the dawn by your smile

The glass eyes where I can see myself as I dance

The endless smile in televised

Riding the night in this stage

Club places music is playing tireless

I put my hands around you just like giving a hug but I’m willing to leave a mark.

Can you dance with me

Into my writing from my mistakes

As the rains drops into the umbrella

We got caught by the moon itself as the shooting was watching..

Mountains clapping into partnership as leaves falling from trees wishing us good life from being champions.

Your eyes melting through joy smashing champaign

This love has just drugged like a cocaine

Fitness to the both of us as much as we can’t complain.

Healing scars buried the past making sure the sorrows are behind bars.

Come baby dance with me forever this song in repeat.

Drum beats as we both kick it.

Anastasia of Romeo and Juliet with new given names women of Nikita as the man came to conquer…

Open your hands now representing your heart that never far now.

Drag into dry place cause we don’t cry no more.

Christmas sign as we burn like trees Moses is here to witness this.

Flying into partnering like bees.

Come baby I have putted a petronella since we both knows the good things are being built in small things.


When the astronomious Taurus meets the Capricorn.

COME LET US DANCE my destiny child I promise we’ll survive.


~Can we dance~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work International


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