Dozen of roses

~Dozen of roses~










Death into a mans hand

Alive into a women heart.

I had to be the navigation in between through the hand and heart.

Calming the pains just make feelings rise on their best.

I interpret good mans heart but knowing very well he had to ask for forgiveness just for peace in this house.

Dozen of roses is what I am in this man hand

In this women heart I am just nature that brings a smile into her face.

I shine with warm without physical attraction

When wind blows I follow the direction for they shall be a connection.

I come as a choice while I pray they should accept my present where I’m being sent.

I live in florist that where I stay and being purchased.

I always live in fear unless there’s a women smile.

Heaven sent me to the women’s who always suffer the most.

And most who always driven into loss

I am the words that a man can speak without making lips move just make her women excitement.

Dozen of roses with a card.

Hope you understands me better why I’m always on a women side.

For I always come as a man pride.

Chop chop that what I expect in an evil women heart.

What do I do when someone is death from trust?

I can not be the path from bringing future together with the past.

Well but I am just a dozen of roses.


~Dozen of roses~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker Christ Playa

Year |20|3


J|Z Poet|Art Work International

Vince The Soul Striker VS

Jozi Poet


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