One hell of night

~One hell of night~











How many times do I have to cry.

How many years will pass through these eyes.

Remembering the night made this pain.

Saturday night

When the moon was shining at it bright.

The stars kisses at it bars

I nearly had to sleep behind bars

When I saw a beautiful women I had to approach her.

Without knowing I was falling into dispare.

Crime was never about killing and stealing.

The moon shining bright on the sky sealing.

Her beauty driven me insane 

Putted my words straight like a sugar cane.

She was so sweet in her silent

In the mean time I was already fallen.

Devil in her heart but dressed into an angel skin.

What your name angel that me asking….

She replied by heart yet the lips never moved

That me speaking a crack speech more than a president.

For me and her heart trying to make a seminar.

Few minutes when she walked away one officer called over.

And I was found guilty of loving and approaching.

Yeah…my words went straight into her heart no wonder she had to say I pointed her with gun.

Eyes could be the witness but I had to stay silent.

Till I remain death as much as I am still silent just waiting for my casket these shall live in my heart forever in grave and allow them to be written in tombstone.

For they always remain in my memory.

I had to pay for my action still my pocket doesn run dry but every moment my heart stay bankrupt as more of I cry.

Behind every beauty there’s a lie.

Forgive my speech

I had to stay alive for I call it breath.

One hell of night

When one hell angel came dressed into heaven angel but she was from hell.

Every night I always regret my yearn.



~One hell of night~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker Christ Playa

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet|Art Work International

Vince The Soul Striker VS

Jozi Poet


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