~Take me back~

~Take me back~








I wanna go back 

Forward is getting bad…


That all I wanna ask

Live back in my mothers womb

Let her make up things with my father so that I could not live all alone..

Let her sing me lullaby

Where she had to eat hard when I go hungry.

I know she wouldn be aware that I am the one who keep asking..

Take me back when my mother first met my father.

I know I would live by spirit and advice her not to love the man cause he’ll later leave.

I know I’m the only man now she could believe.

Please God take me back

I wanna re-write those mistake

Maybe I could change to a better human

Live endless desire with my parents coaching and advices.

I know I could play a better role in the field..

Take me back I wanna be at the bed where my mother could end up sleeping with my father ask them to condomise.

Live as a spirit cause in flesh I’m a disaster

Take me back into my mothers womb and leave me right there…

Make a count backwards I know she can rush to give birth.

But I wanna make sure she learn first.

My father had to promise not to leave or depart from us

Take me now take me

To the same soil where aborted kids are being buried and hide.

Take me there now

Dig deep and deeper cause I wanna go back as much this flesh doesn take me there…

Close that door I don’t want nobody to enter now.

Lord take me back I wanna make a move as she can still touch her stomach..

Control her mood being pregnant is an excuse.

Take me please Lord take me back in my mothers womb.

I have done a lot of damage along this age.


~Take me back~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year |20|3

J|Z Poet|Art Work Inc


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