~Christ In Conjugal~




C-ommonly living in his powers that I shall never deceive his living within.

H-is mercy always lies within pulse and every flaws of my step forward.

R-emedy of every pain I had in past through evil i was involved in

I-n every wind I breath he is been the leader through in and through out.

S-earching is over when John 1:14 state that he decided to live within a human flesh for he is living God.

T-erminology of false prophecy is dead now when he reveals every secrets that lies within Pharecy.


I-promise that after finding the path I’ll never look back for he is now the navigation as well the driver of this flesh as he is the word.

N-arrow mistakes are now never when I fly instead of cry as wings are spread.


C-oncerning his word as the most positive for he dwell into a living flesh to Anastasia the deaths.

O-ver miles of souls he been searching and chasing for he never gave up on Eden.

N-ow it time to let the doors open for he is knocking on every soul.

J-ust a minutes of moment of silent from the resurrection of my elders perhaps the peace is yet to fall upon thee.

U-niting fallen spirits into a holy spirit just for a call of Christ within a living flesh that allows him to dwell within.

Guns and knives are never the weapon for his words makes him an always king.

A -matter of admitting the sent apostles who comes with peace who were first sent Jesus Christ who I can mention the fishers Andrew and Peter.

L-oyalty lived there for it makes the moment to exist forever in any matter,now I vow the forever within solidarity and a spiritual ring..


~Christ In Conjugal~

Poem by-DaSoulstriker

Year -20|3

J|Z Poet-Art|Work Inc



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