Bird meets bee

~Bird and a bee~



They are two animals with something common,first the bird and a bee they both fly which takes wings second they both fly according to their destination they don’t just fly third they work hard just to bring what they have,The bird fly to the nest and the fly to settle of honey,They don’t sleep until they finish cause the bird needs the nest and the bee needs it honey to be done the only way is to work hard and go straight to where the wings can take them bee go for the flowers and the birds run everywhere seeking the piece of grasses than here what happens when they both done they keep something the bird keep it babies and the bee settle for honey and a human can come collect both while hunting,Well be a bee and fly like a bird do what others do in order to be what you wants to be but don’t go their path keep your wings strong on your way to destination



Motivation by DaSoulstrikerImage


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