~Last Tear Drop(LTD)~

[Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela]






Just a night wonders


One missing warrior.


Fighter of fighters


Freedom believer


Through deep rivers you shall never sink just a night I couldn believe.


Without farewell all they said you were doing well that all I heard.


Marry me marry me those songs we sang asking freedom when we were fighting the struggle without using any muscle.


Blood shed kids were scared but you wrapped them with one blanket of words that was a promise of freedom.


Bury me bury me failing to sing this one as hours reveal television televised my memory couldn access.


Movies of nowadays changed even starring do die.


At the end of this movie of FREEDOM we shall never expect PART II


A throne lefted cold some stories seems to be false.


Ducking the beast couldn help at all after a long fight from prison.


Winter signs as rivers run dry but summer you decided as my eyes can’t be dried by even one word.


Broken wings I wish I could fly more than a bird..


Last tear drop not promising to stop for the pain is escaping the soul prison…


It took a long walk to be where you’re it was never too far yet the bodies remain with scars.


The night was never reason for you shine as a star.


FORGIVENESS you taught me for I shall forgive the death that took you away but remain holding grudges of all good times you brought to us.


Last tear drop you shed when you nobody thought you were gonna make it to 27years in prison.


Last tear drop when you struggled sickness just to be where you are right now.


HEAVENS DOOR should be wide cause this man is not coming alone FREEDOM FIGHTER.


Last drop from brothers in heaven seeing you finally Oliver Tambo,Steven Biko,Malcolm X,Martin Luther King Jr as the struggle continues to watch what you taught for being destroyed…


Promising to live by your teachings as you told.


I had one TEAR DROP

A THUG that never carried a gun but did remain in prison.

A FORGIVER but without being defeated

A MAGICIAN hoping Madiba magic shall always live with us as the code remains 46664

A MAN to be always remembered as this LAST TEAR DROP


~Last Tear Drop(LTD)~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|3

J|Z Poet |Art Work Ink




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