This women

~This women~






She was my nightmares and vision


Reminiscing as she cooking in the kitchen,


Love is the only language we speaking.


Singing like summer birds as we kissing


Got me escape from past


As I was jailed into her heart.


Sentenced into her mind.


He crushed my boy tendency


When she sow the man practice.


Got me thinking about this women


Light of life 


The star that never waited for the night to shine.


My partner to everything for life ladder to climb,


Soon she is gonna be giving me a child


Don’t you think that awesome?


She loved me when I had nothing


But she had to give me something just to be somebody,


Could it be the wife that I’m talking about?


When I made my choice in a biggest crowd.


Queen is her when the king I was chosen as you can see the crown.


Smiling at me as she can tell I’m proud.


This women is vision, a dream to live without closing my eyes. 


Speaking of concrete foundation when we built in trust.


What I used to lack in from the past


China eyes strong mind intelligent women I found,


She always prophecy the future as deep looking in her picture.


I been having these dreams and I was dying to meet her.


This women is alive in my heart and she will never be buried by lust cause she exist with love.


Women of my hope 

Women of my of this written diary

Women of my garden

Women of my strength when I have fallen.

Women of my eyes when I go blind

Women of the clock as she always be mine every time.


This women is my pride.


Wheels of my walking tomorrow


My presence my future

My history as we live


This women is a paradise when sickness is no more to me as I live by.


A good women I found something I always tried.


Speaking now of something I have found.


THIS WOMEN is my everything


When I can live for my everything and die not for nothing.



~This women~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

J|Z Poet|Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker vs Jozi Poet

DaSoulstriker /\Sbulise Poetry


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