Dried my eyes

~Dried my eyes~






My eyes was soil filled with water

You just came as sun an all overporated from your presence.

My eyes were just like the sky flowing the rain 

But you came as an umbrella just to cover them.

I risen from the death of love

Broken from the grave of heart broken when no one ever thought I would be.

When most women I met buried the love I had

Ever since I met you I been good.

When you dried my eyes without any physical towel or tissue to wipe them.

Escaped bob wire of hurtles and pain

I was jailed into no peace and you bailed me with kiss.

Fought my battles swelling to die with me as held hands.

Looking through you I made first vows and I was the first to break them

I made second one with a jewelry of trust as we shined in sealing more than the light or sun can shine bright.

You dried my eyes when I cried endless 

You chose me when I chose you with the fear of outlook it took me to open up before judging the book by it cover.

You was never hard on me yet you remain my rock of ages when I’m stuck with your love eternal.

Heavens doors open for both us to shower with blessings when we stuck inseparable.

You dried my eyes when nobody can for this as I bow to my queen the day I fell.

Just wanna love through sunny day when rain is over even it return I know you’ll always makes my soil to remain dry.

The dew disappeared in the presence of the sun

The day you came and dried my eyes



~Dried my eyes~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

J|Z Poet |Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker|Jozi Poet

DaSoulstriker vs Sbulise Poetry


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