From nowhere to somewhere

~From nowhere to somewhere~





Where will I be without her?


Who I was before knowing her?


Love never the secrets we shared


Ignorant never I was


Killed every plane to my past.


From no where to somewhere.


They said you soldiers should

be not scared.


Glass of wine never won a pride


It was just a price


Even if it takes me to be crucified


But I know somewhere I will

resurrect more of Jesus Christ.


Chilled my pain when I smiled

like nothing happened in my



Just needed a navigation

you hold on into what I

never seen


Treated me like a king when I was

never a kid.


Seconds spoken and minutes replied

as well the hours took over when

the day broken the seat but the

month was old enough.


I bet without a bill either way I can

kill for I wanna die into this women

heart even if takes to be buried into

your mind,


O women I’m your ghost no wonder 


I’m always on fire.


Paper never meant nothing when

I meant something.


From no where to somewhere


Her heart was meant to be mine

my heart was meant to be yours.


Walk clean trust and loyalty has

cleaned my floors.


Your hands and mine building

this nest


My heart skip a beat you’re my

fuel to the next.


Yes from somewhere till forever


Crushed every bad single thought

cause you exist in my thought

which makes a good mind.


Like I will never look behind except

those locked up memories we are busy

building in slab of true love foundation.


Good price you name investing in such



Getting somewhere with someone

stronger hands.


From no where to somewhere


Cause you’re my somewhere when I never had no one and you came

from somewhere to take me here.


Future looks bold when you came as

a pressed caps lock button,

Brought me here just like a wrapped gift in plastic.

Just to be somewhere with you.

Loving you surely I do.



~ImageFrom no where to somewhere~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

J|Z Poet. |Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker vs Jozi Poet

DaSoulstriker /\Sbulise Poetry


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