I rise 2014

~I rise 2014~






The sun kisses the dust in between mountains of east and west,

Trees dancing into a motion of painless as they dance in the beat of mother natures heart.

A broken moon never the evil sign but the sign of a new start.

The sun never sleeps as the summer stands on a seat

But when all done I rise 2014

Thousand kisses from an angel of gospel preaching verses of wisdom just bring to these broken pieces of me.

Hell is a place known for fire as soon as we collect the woods we make a fire that never dies even the demons themselves got burnt.

 My heart pumps into volumes of unspoken words busy shaking the never known world.

With a sword in my hand that been striking souls as I put it in paper sharing every pain as I rise 2014.

I fought so many fights back than until I died in my journey an open hole I was buried in

Today I resurrect for my calling and gift to make the will of God the garden is wide when workers are short.

With or without energy I rise just to climb mount Killimanjaro.

As demons fears and Devil himself suffocate.

Rumors of my death I have assured that they were never so true in his ears cause I rise 2014 with my pen and paper I sipped the rain bath my face with the dew every morning of my early waking.

Yes I live to write with my God on my side

Broken wings of an angel of death now it my turn to my fly deep in oceans of blood I seek those who cry as Devil lie.

I sing poetry I speak poetry I eat poetry food my life is poetry check my nutrition it stabled by it for something that I always eat.

As I rise 2014

When I die bury me with the pen in my left hand and papers on my chest when I will always write what on my heart before I rise as my flesh pay the price to the hit of the soil as I rot in a place but soul shall rise for a better tomorrow as I follow Martin Luther King Jr to the promise land rejoice to his speech never now a kid.

I rise 2014 as I see Nelson Mandelas grave the victory is over the peace has finally found in his labor Biko calling within me for I write what I like as I like what I write surely I rise 2014.

An open grave as wind blows every leaf in trees more than a winter can do.

O no I’m on fire more than the ghost at night flames of words metaphors driven into open doors similes stuck behind my heart bars.

Poetry is jailed in my heart and soul as it sentence to life as I live my life so I rise 2014.

Stuck on cloud 9 spaceship of lyrics as I strike so fast more than a lightning I move like a shooting star.

I rise 2014 doing heavens shores as I wash my hands standing in the earth spot never the less DaSoulstriker wanted a goal as he Risen into 2014.

Yes I rise 2014 as I give heat like summer sun that breaks tar road.

As I dance from an invisible radio crossing bridges full of grudges as I look back either way I rise 2014 as one of my dreams come true stuck into brand new.

I RISE from the death in Eve’s womb as I remain in the Garden of Eden

Never to flirt with the Devil as I’m walking into righteousness path



~I rise 2014~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

J|Z Poet. |Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker vs Jozi Poet

DaSoulstriker vs Sbulise Poetry



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