Tell me your pains I will give you some pills.

Show me your wounds I will surely cure them indeed.

You’re not all alone

You’re with me all time

Your guardian angel

Your heart has became heaven


Like rivers your love keeps flowing tirelessly.

My heart is pedals when you press me to maximum and drive me crazy.

Starring at your innocent eyes as I dwell into circuits just to connect the two of us.


Laboratory we are let make a cure for this love.

I’m your scientist seeking to know you complete.

No woman shall ever come and compete.

Dancing into every beat of our hearts

Singing together like summer birds.

Just so in the box sealed please open up

Everything is brand new.


Meeting you was a success

For years I been seeking someone who can meets my open space.

Someone who can heal every wound

Your sound of your voice melodies by melodies.

Promise you won’t leave

Even in a short space don’t let evil be squeezed.

Worthy you’re chased every sufferings I had.

Chasing hells kitchen as soon as they figure how happy we are.

Enemies spoken we can’t take this far.

My mother was replaced 

My heart was healed

You’re my number even without any count.

You’re my investment through life account.

Mend every pain I suffered

Don’t leave!

Spiced this love to taste good

Ingredients of honesty,trust,commitment,dedication,visions and dreams.

In foundation loving forever.


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