My soul mate


~My soul mate~







I stand here in the tallest mountain grieving your absence while I hope you can set your sight on me,

Like one of the chosen of christ with fire and axe he stand to remove the Evil mark.

I daily unmask myself so that I can face you.

Like sea sand I remain wet and dry salted my face tears that can not be dried by the presence of sun shine.

Echos in my open space heart as I kept the place for your love hoping you might enter without any doubt and stay without any regret.

My soul mate the Eva who will always remain in one place which is my heart as they say we can’t have everything cause there’s no place to keep them unfortunately as you’re my everything the place to keep you is in my heart..

I know you will open doors to search if someone knocks on the door worry not it just a heart beat.

Standing in the desert but hopes have not stop to stand by me as I watch every corners there’s no one for me.

Through my sleepiness I know God will create this woman I always wish to set my eyes on…

Take my rib to create your presence cause I’m loosing my patience up here but I don’t loose love..

I know you have waited for me with tears of hurtful where you always throw yourself hoping that it me..

Change the theme of your song here I come with the sound of hunger like a lion roar in the jungle.

I know I will caught you in middle of tears and I wanna wipe them away and leaves you dry

You’ll never cry again until 

I ask you this question

Will you marry me?

I never thought this day will come as you thought everyone can treat you like trash

To prove that love was never bad.

We always got to meet wrong people in order to meet right one’s when a heart can make a good choice you will surely meet me.

In the streets of Alexandra I just wanna be able to recognize your voice not the sounds of hoots but your angelic voice.

It will take longer to wait but it will only take me forever to be stuck with you.


I can’t wait for the day you will tell me how long you been walking asking directions to my heart.

I can not wait for that day I approach you with my speech as you reply with a doubting facial expression I know you’re filled with fear cause you don’t wanna love no more.

Well this day is no longer linked to yesterday but only tomorrow.

You waited I waited patience is virtue.

Like butterflies slowly sitting into your lovely warm heart as they set into the leaf.

Stretch your heart cause I’m here to live forever my soul mate

Together we can sing

Together we can fly

Together we can last

Together grieving the buried past

The half of me given to you just to see on my sight

It only coming true now that my dream

Your lips your smile your eyes as I imagine.

Love of my life that your first word as you speak.

Like starring at the mirror looking at you I see me when you see yourself.

Mind gallery pictures are painted.

God never waited for my birthday just to send me a gift

Yes my soul mate I been waiting for you

The only mistake we both made was to let wrong people come inside us and messed every floor of our heart.

But now it is only one shore just to clean their mess

King and Queen we stuck on a chess

I’m gonna be your match let set fire in progress.

You can be my star when I can be your sky where birds aim to fly.

Swimming into love oceans where fishes can hide.

You are my soul mate

I hope it not too late to spend my whole entire life.

I may not be knowing every hair of mine but I wanna know every existing dread on your head cause I’m gonna be your existing thought.

Cause I am your soul mate.


~My soul mate~

Poem by|DaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

J|Z Poet |Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker vs J|Z Poet


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