Women behavior

~Women behavior on a girl~







Her garment describes her maturity.

Carrying every load with her heart.

She never complained but she knows

her savior.

She’s a women someone will realize later.

The way she does things

She does best not to please.

A parachute that carries a 4months

baby boy to be laid into grounds well.

Crawling like a snail slowly but fast 

according to her destination,

She races so fast but finishes late.

She does things perfectly.


A women in her a girl body 

She never had a chance to sleep

but she does have dreams

to study law.

As I look at her climbing merciful

with her sharpen claw.

Crawling like a chameleon but she

never changes or adopt colour.

Raised by her granny

To smile she never needed money.

Like sun shine her appearance brighten

the day.

During the night like a shooting everyone

wishes on her. 

She’s been used but still a respectful tool

Controlled material she was a dream chaser with her mind as a navigator.

Selfish she never was cause her dreamed was known by everyone.


She respected God 

Her floors were much cleaned by mop.

Slippery it was but she fell and never

took time to get back up.

She was never alone cause her hopes

were high where she believed God is at.

Praying while she is starving herself you could think she is mad.

Her prayers were usually the result of her happiness.

Women behavior on a girl body.

Everything she dealt with was on a move slowly.

Cause she believed in perfection.


~Women behavior on a girl body~


Poem by|DaSoulstriker


Year. |20|4


J|Z Poet |Art Work Inc





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