Her body covered by leaf


As we both stand in between the harvest


Season has come after a long waiting.

Like Adam and Eva we hidden,

She borrow my tounge I lend her mine

Sounds of clock leaning on time

Whistle has been blown it first half,

Quick touch like electrical figures

just wanna give her a shock.

Wheel alignment she got those brackets

as I wanna take my pen and write

a long story between those brackets.

Undressing my shell

I’m selling my experience she rings

the bell,

The rock as I fell in her garden striking

with forces by forces.

Tonight I wanna unpack my basket

Let her carry my load

From the city to the bush as I climb

into that yellow neck,

I am an artist drawing as she picture

the moment.

She wanna change the move while 

I’m not finish with first drawing.

Galary overloaded in her mind

this is a new year I swear fireworks.

As I strike my tounge into her ear-drum

Put it back in her mouth like a chewing-gum

My hands on a pole as I target like I’m pulling a trigger you should have seen her.

Snail I crawl in her temple living marks everywhere.

The night is still young but we promise to raise this one just for a memory.

Her slot never get full

I use my glove just to make sure I don’t leave an evidence

Stealing not

Her lips are wet like windows covered by the dew.

She lost her sight eventually due to the mist

A moment she will always miss.

When I’m done she will assume it was a sleeping pill

My footprints they kill.

Like ending in her heart beat.

Cause I’m snail leaving marks everywhere.

We gonna need a parachute as fly high

As she ended in cloud nine.

Climbing into Roma as she confess today I’m a father.




POEM BY|DaSoulstriker

YEAR. |20|4




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