A gunshot









A story I will always tell

until I remain dumb,

Cross fell on my domain

hands when I couldn 

remove hands,

Throat dry when I can

drink not rivers dry

faces wet as I cry,

Scored to pain

looser I became

winner she became.

Frozen blood drip into

my tunnel veins.

Blood shed like

defrosted meat,

Wondering why

we met lesson

or for your 


A seed to be

sowed by the road

when it grows everyone

yearn to pick up and taste

Still I wonder how come Adam

acted like Eva when he had to taste

the forbidden fruit.

Slashed into pieces heartbroken

tears sizzling into facial mountains.

A gun shot that took my last breath

both hands up like greeting when

I was asked to freeze.

Just like passing the exit on a shop

door where securities check up.

Bitter love tasted salty filled with

my tears as I cry eternal.

Questions occurred answers fade

until the last page I won’t be able

to answer from this gun shot.

Cripple thoughts numb feelings

If only I had to scream loud for

help I would


When she said it over she wasn 

aware those words felt like a bullet

going through the flesh of mine

and I chose to die quickly there,

Twice on head broken heart I swear

sweating like feeling blood pressure

she was always stuck into my heart

like breast cancer.

I wish I could say I miss you but I know it will never reach into your ears

like echos breaking from a wind sounds into the hills of gold.



POEM BY|BelieverDaSoulstriker

YEAR. |20|4




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