You and i









Standing into cliff

Holding your hand tight as I breath,

Your pulse is something I can feel

Lit from the volumes of your love

that set me free,

Sky wide open to accommodate the two of us,

This has been built into storm

Though we made it to concrete



Stuck into your breast like a baby sucking milk.

There’s something deep inside that can’t pushed by waves itself

L.O.V.E as I spell

Writing rhymes into your singing heart

This heart beat of mine which swell

Fading into everyone sight like mist crossing from the sun set.


Turn nowadays unreal made it real

Languages of love that what we speak,

Got a spiritual pencil drawing my soul into your soul..

Limbed into your eternal love which gives energy..

I’m the pilot of the love plane

We don’t need parachute cause we know we are safe on one another’s hands.

YOU AND I like birds my nest is at your heart when yours belongs to mine.

Sitting into the island which is surrounded by tears of joy.


Yes,me and you are just inseparable creatures.

You can live with my rib

When I can live in your heart within.

Splurge into your castle heart

Queen crowned my heart

King I am crowned your visible love.

Boiled into kettle’s of maturity

Air babbles of love thoughts sinks into a steam evaporating unlimited feelings.

You and I plugged to love as we glitter in our grounds which is sky standing into a met made into clouds.

World view is set to be a hole where we some wanna be like us

When they fail little things like trust.

Sitting next to heat which sun

When we bath from rainfall sleeping on a gravity enjoying every moment of night as the moon switches on.

Yeah,I am ready to perform

Scent of your perfume leaves stars whispering from the dark yet chasing the smell of Glamorous.

We are just kissing birds sitting on a cliff of branches




(Kissing Birds)

Poem by|BelieverDaSoulstriker

Year. |20|4

Jozi Poet|Art Work Inc

Vinces The Soul Striker vs Jozi Poet



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