Remember Me

Staring at walls

wall papers staring back at me,

With memories whispering next to me.

Grief ends but lose continues,

Death screaming so loud in a lose mute.

As a they jailed and sentenced to life,

that means in prison there’s a life.

Even  those boxes knows the innocent but they

suffer from the same cut as they continue to

bleed inside the prison and turn from innocent

to monsters,

as the true monsters repent and their sentence

from God energy.

Behind those walls screaming nobody believes you

except these words.


So when those days are dark these words shall shine on you

and sparkle in the rock of your problems because they are your


God is word and the word is with God where your eye on?

hope you remember me,

Hope you remember me as you carry all your burdens and

remember me I AM who can carry you and your burdens.

because i am God the word,

so my child remember me.







remember me


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