”Have you ever asked yourself that if (LOVE) had mouth what would love say to you after all hard times you been through in name of (LOVE),have you ever sit down and wonder why love always talk a lot with the little action that you find questionable,Previously when i was a little boy i think 9 years was my age so i asked my uncle what love does the most in a human being and he answered by saying,Boy love talks a little and actions proves talk.God said let create men in our own image talking with (LOVE) so there men were created without talking a lot but doing actions.So these days lust wore a mask in pretending to be love but it actions always proves that i am lust,have you ever sit down as a woman and wish to know what a man thinking .

Men talk little and act is bigger,He can sit down thinking the whole week how to make your weekend special as result men tries a lot but talk little which is likely most woman have never seen a man talk but have seen a man preach because sometimes lies can be easily said but truth can hardly heard because it needs action.Men easily say i’m sorry even if tomorrow the mistake repeated because sorry is one word that everybody feeds skeletons that are sitting on the closet,Some day a man was always working a night shift until his wife got tired and lonely she decided to bring the man during the times of his husband night shift remember rumors flies until some day the wife expected him to be at work for night shift but it did not happen because of rumors so he left his house saying he is going to work because ”men talks a little but act bigger”.

As she expected him to be working he came back just caught his wife on an act because he wanted to believe people but there was no evidence so he wanted that,as he step in his bedroom his wife busy with another man he was very shocked and left with a trauma he went to his safe took the gun he  thought of shooting the man he caught in his bed and the wife.As he got the gun in hand he went to kids bedroom he saw them sleeping peacefully thought of shooting everyone including himself but again he did not so he took gun back to the safe and drove out without saying a word to anyone.As he was driving out there was nowhere to go but he thought of liquor store which he immediately went to and drank his sorrows expecting things to calm but they didn’t until today he lives with those sorrows as he drown in a liquor trying to forget the night that changed his life.

So, men don’t talk some die in a gun pointed to them without talking.

As for women they say a lot with the mixed up emotions in their actions because they made to offload not carrying,Nine months is enough for pain which is what God made but today they practice to be men as they fail in many ways because they talk a lot you will never hear them say because in their actions there’s mixed up emotions,The one who was raped she wouldn’t tell you but in the mixed up emotions that tear apart your relationship you can tell she is suffering but she wont tell you because she said a lot and differently ACTED.

Steve Harvey said it ”THINK LIKE A MAN” a man who is in love act differently yet proving his power of love better yet on the other side a woman who is in love with a guy act differently but says a lot of positive things about a guy on her friend.Men attack woman are afraid so the power is within a man with a woman in mind and heart not to say a man without a woman because even Moses he had his own stick which is a woman.

Again one of reason a man don’t say a lot but act bigger it is because his thoughts are combined in an action not in talking.

”I never say ‘nagging.’ I think that ‘nagging’ is a term that men created to get women to pipe down some. But, it’s a trap that we’ve created. We created several terms for women to back you down. Nagging means to stop asking me questions, then we get away with more. I think it’s a term men created”-Steve Harvey.

”If a man loves you… he’s willing to profess it. He’ll give you a title after a while. You’re going to be his lady, his woman, his fiancee, his wife, his baby’s mama, something”-Steve Harvey
A man who is going to marry you does not say it every day but the day you’re involve with him,he will call you as what he sees in you if said ”my wife in an sms he once sent you” then his actions will back that as your relationship grows because that what he sees in you he immediately prophecy it.I remember the women i always called my wife/baby-mama/queen did not become that why because i said it without meaning it and one woman i met and i called her my wife once she is the one i’m happily married to.So we men what we say a lot is the opposite of what we mean.
“The most painful part women faces is when the men talks about how much they love them but their actions on the other hand proving how they don’t,Just because we don’t say it does not mean we don’t feel it”-Bongani Vincent Shinga



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