Reality and truth,

Life isn’t what it represented into your eyes everyday but life is what it hidden in your eyes.And most of us celebrate the life we are given by men everyday and ignore the life that God created for us.

What a man to do if not what on his power the lack of power in a man makes his world hard even waking up everyday.I here present to you the truth behind the lies you’re believing everyday.What if i tell you that the weakness of a men is ”respect and a humble woman by his side” so the absence of this makes a lesser man.

”The power of a man on woman who respect and humbles herself,the anger of men comes from woman who doesn’t respect and humble herself ”

What makes a man is his responsibility and power in holding on to them,Most men grew up without a father figure as life becomes hard some give up their manhood because times are hard when you have nobody to learn from.Every day we work hard to become the better fathers that our previous generation couldn’t. We try so hard even when we are expected to fail because nobody taught us how to be a man. Majority of kids these days are being raised by single parents which are mostly mothers we turn out to become what we were not meant to become because our mothers also a result of being raised a single parent and they look at it as if it a good thing to follow but it is on tough act to follow.


4 thoughts on “THE POWER OF MEN

    • dasoulstriker says:

      We are a struggling generation where we set eyes on our mothers looking for a role model because dad left home when we we’re at the lowest,We watch television every day seeking the right image to portray….and thank you for reading.

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      • ghostbusterbev says:

        I don’t know if there are any good role models on television, however history has given us some great role models…Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandala, Barak Obama, for example. You will find their biographies/autobiographies at the library.

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      • dasoulstriker says:

        True role models are ignored because of their life style and we follow wrong people who are screaming words in our ears those words leaves every one of us confused,We turn in wrong direction of life…..


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