[Some of us give a hand….

some of us give a fuck]


Most of the time we give a fuck instead of taking the

hand we’re given.

The truth is…..

the life in your hand matters the most because you control it

but i have seen someone changes the true image just to

imitate a bad character.

People make money out portraying the characters that are not part of their

(DNA) i have seen a baby thinking that Tony Montana is an existing person but that a character in a movie which makes someone else brain so the character exist in someone brain as s/he wrote a story.

take good care of the life in your hand then the one which you see carried by someone  s/he can live it.

Give the world your hand because every hand exist yet yours is MIA so live the life you were meant to live not the one you saw someone else living.They are too many frames in this earth we are just short of different images,Some images are taken yet we see more of them in different frames.

so many Tupacs, Biggys, MJ every country imitate USA as if we never had our own artists or do we say they are not enough to imitate truth is yes they are enough now it time to make [YOU] in the existing frame.

i have seen a seed of sorrow grows in human out of a fame that grows in an earth.

Thank you our countries needs role models not Beyonces but true people who re true to the image they carry in the frame of a flesh.

”Life is hard when you’re not yourself,STAY REAL”


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