• Why look back while life waits after your toes.[take a step listen the sound of your path life after life welcome you].
  • Why listen to outside voices when your voice is blocked by sorrows and lose in trying hard to find you.
  • Why choose the life that exist in another world don’t you scared that might find impossibilities in life that was never chosen for you,do you see yourself or do you just see others before you.
  • Do you listen to yourself or you spend time listening to people telling you what not and what never meant for you.
  • While you busy portraying life that existed you lost yourself in the life that existed in  you
  • These hard rocks hides your life because they too scared that might lose your life in absence.
  • Why build tall buildings with no windows and doors maybe if you can open your eyes and see how much have taken from you while building  a basement,now listen the life you portray is the life that you stolen from another planet [every day universe waits for your wake up from that life you’re comfortable sleeping on when yours still on  plan there’s no existing foundation now consider digging].

Stop imitating the life that is not yours because you’re inviting friends that are not even yours,never listen to the voices that speaks loud because God doesn’t make noise when he blesses someone be careful of the noises that are caused by the blessings somehow they don’t know who you are.

Life begins when we can not feel it or taste it and once we see life is when it no longer our life but it when we see other peoples life,don’t loose yourself in imitating another life.

[Look closely there’s life after your toes which is the exactly life meant for you forget the one opposite your eyes because it another world].

Put pieces together in life making and never buy existing life just feel safe from you.




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