These words reflects the pain inside,

when you wish never met yourself or

die so fast.

as i look at myself as broken mirror,

i don’t see anything clear.

Prayer after prayer trying to unlock pain inside,

you’re such a bad father a quick reminder

how would i forget.

Birthdays pass me,

this present looks like the past.

my life has never been a gift,

as my father left me on the streets.

As painful as it gets let you suffer defeat

why is it so hard to fight?

Because i have never won my fights

dead feels alive now i erase my past

Looking at the top drawer i see the same me dad did the same to me

you was never born so cursed,

if i had the power to shoot the shame

you would have heard.

sorry son.

Daddy always away no letters written,

some say he is in prison.

writing a letter you would known his feelings,

so he justify his reasons.

Married another woman to raise her babies,

your mother struggle paying school fees.

in robbing people, and  stealing…..

some day you have to sleep in your neighbor.

cause your mother get caught that justice.

daddy gone mother gone not just easy.

this woman says you ugly as a curse.

Just a result of my past,

sorry son.

This time i will fight for you as strong arms they are,

i should have never let your mother come between us.

These coming holidays will you spend time with your father?

i will keep sending letters as reminder.

History repeat itself i never knew who my father,

as foolish as it sound i should have fought on my side.

but i am truly sorry son.

I am ready to be your father

as it comes out like an answer.

As if there was question asked,

no you did not but i was speaking to my conscious.


Yours truly dad changed and i am alive,

and knowing very well it been hard.

so here to play my part and stand in your grounds,

it was not easy don’t me why i come now.




”Differences shouldn’t be reason why we leave kids behind,If you know the pain out of it then why allow another person to feel it?Majority of were raised by single parents never let your kid suffer the same pain you went through”


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