Ambition on point

Ambition On Point

Hosted by Vee known as DaSoulstriker(writer/poet)

L2 interview


Lethukuthula Knowledge Yeni A.K.A L2 (His Hip Hop Artist Name) Was Born 1993 In a Small Township Located In Durban Called Ntuzuma, and He Studied In Barracuda Primary School And Matriculated In Rossburgh High School. Music Has Been L2’s Love at a very Young Age influenced By Most of the Music He Listened To From Artist like Common,Ludacris,Mobb Deep. Notorious B.I.G and So On! He Went on to Form a Music Group Called Novelty Music Stars That Consisted Of 3 Members Named Lee_Batta-B Including A Female Mc Lesa, They Went On To Record Their First Ever Studio Mixtape Titled The First Speech Mixtape Which Was Produced By BlackSun And Premiered They First Single On Khozi Fm Hip Hop Radio Show “Clever Unga Give Up”_ The Group Are Still Together As A Family But Have been Working On Solo Project Since Then. L2 Has Been On Of The Dopest Underrated Artist In the Durban Hip Hop Scene But Hasn’t Earned His Share In The Limelight, The Upcoming artist Has Been Working With Some Artist If His Not In Studio Recording Anything Of His Own! His Been On Number Of Projects Including Absurd’s Music Changes And You Still Complaining Album and 3Sixty’s Pledge Mixtape Where He was Featured In More Than 6 Tracks. The Artist Has Been In Studio Since Last Year Working On Some Joints For His Long Awaited Project Due To Drop This Year. The First Single Of The Mixtape Titled “Swerve Ntwana” That He Features The Most Dope E.X Mtshali Has Been Trending In Every Social Network Earning Him So Much Street Credit And Recognition. It No Doubt That This Young Future Is Growing To be One of the Most Dopest Cats Coming From The Durban Industry. His Also A Performing Artist that has performed in various Places To Mention A Few Bat Centre, Jameson Pub . And Other Local Events that Have Happened, It No Doubt That This Young Artist is The Future Of South African Hip Hop And We Going To be Getting Closer In Detail With Him On This Interview..

Questions and Answers

Q:My nigga how are doing it such an honour to have you here just to witness your ambition on point,so you good?

A:Ye man I’m dope and it my pleasure to have my name and myself called out here.

Q:So you swerve these days lol neh

A:Surecase my man as you have heard it here and hoping everyone will also have the taste.

Q:So my man L2 music has been your life so far,so tell us when did you started to commit yourself or rather writing?

A:Ever Since i started rapping my man at The Age of 9years i think i was already Into This Music Thing and as i grew a became more committed To It! Iv always been writing lyrics since the age of 6 I think I had a book of mine filled with lyrics hahahahaha it funny cause I use to see my self as an RnB artist until hip hop took over guess it Came to me at the right time

Q:So from that age when you were 9years old how did you come up with concepts or you had someone assisting you?

A:You know when you influenced by some good music and artist like B.I.G and Common and 2 Pac u literally feel like you have people right there guiding you through your music so I won’t say I copy them but I learnt a lot from them and my knowledge also counted when It came to writing cause I had some few things I needed to get out of my mind as I was growing up!

Q:From that where did you see yourself with music comparing from what you’re right now?

A:Uhmmmmm to tell the truth I want to be more than just an hip hop start I want to be an artist of note that the main thing is to be great and use music as a form of changing other peoples life and from where I am at this point I might not be signed to a major label but it not even about that I want to grow inside my music and all the money and fame will come as a bonus I’m sill growing each and everyday. What I can say is my time is coming just like everyone in this world has it own time

Q:Wonderful and I see you’re heading there,So swerve ntwana that your currently single which online as we speak and full of vibe,looking at it tell me about it and go deep with it concept?

A:lol to tell th truth I didn’t have much of an idea when I made this track I just approached T~Skill (Producer) To Hook Me Up With A Different Beat and He Did What I Asked Him… Hahahaha when I heard the Beat I laughed but At the Same tym I knew it was something I can work with, So I Recorded The Lyrics cause it took me about 5 hours to record two verses and I asked E.X to listen to the track just to get his opinion and he just went crazy and that how I ended up featuring him

Q:Wow sounds so grown in the industry now tell me,from your current project we have seen “Swerve Ntwana”and apparently you have brought a new style based from what people know or expect from a guy they know,so what more can we expect?

A:Ey My Guy From What you heard you truly right I going into a different direction with my music cause I think I took time as thought exactly of how I want to craft my art which is in a form of music so from my project expect a lot of different sounds,expect a lot of good music I working with so many writers,producers,artist and Poets including You to Mention lol.. So Ye my man I’m just taking a different direction and Expect a lot of good music that will blow your mind! Just like “Swerve Ntwana”

Q:So looking at hip hop itself what can you say about it including yourself being part of it right now,like looking at how it struggling some how more especial Durban?

A:Eyo man ima keep it straight our hip hop industry is fucked up especially durban u, you get people who have the whole pie but are throwing small pieces to others there’s no unity everyone is looking out for himself or his partner so there’s no growth or development that why you see us grinding for our selves cause it seems like people will always try to block you even if u doing things your own way, so the industry has it good but in my view iv been not impressed with the type of Treatment some artist are getting I believe in unity working as a whole even though it competition but let it be a fair one!

Q:So as an growing or rather say as a matured artist what advice will you give on that?

A:I think it important for other artist to acknowledge what other artist do! Let’s start by supporting one another and also for the Radio to start playing more local music cause this has been a huge issues to our country but then hip hop is improving everyday my advice is Unity for artist to come together as a whole and Let’s Work!!

Q:Well I hear you man very well,so from your own perspective who your dopest artist recently in Durban?

A:Lol hahahahaha uhmmmmmmmmmm no comment

Q:You don’t wanna be loyal to yourself or industry itself?

A:Well I can name a few cause I don’t actually have the main one that I think is dope, Uhmmm Nasty C is this new kid On the Block Very Dope he is killing them, Casper From 3Sixty Crew, One of my Closest Friends V12 everyone must be on the look out for this Dude or and last but not least Jay b mr Trill Myself Very Dope Artist that is!

Q:I like it I thought you were not gonna look at yourself but that shows confident,so which label or production that helping you out to reach your main about the upcoming project?

A:Uhmmm I’m working with Slyc It Productions and T- Skills Entertainment Will Also Play A huge Role in the construction of this project and I have other people who I will be working with I won’t say to much but people can expect something big in this project especially a feature ill be bringing in, the project will be Released Under My Very Own Imprint Label Novelty Music Entertainment!

Q:Sounds covered,so before we wrap it up just quick explain to us the provision of Novelty itself as your company aswell your own label you created how did you come up with Novelty and behind it what more about it?

A:Well novelty is more like a home for me it my creation my baby, I Started The Whole Movement In 2010 cause I spent a lot of time investing on it trying to make it something that can be productive in terms of music and working so Ye novelty is a home for the people I’m involved with as you know V12 is Currently signed Under This Label And Has Released 2 Mixtapes So It not an easy thing in managing a label while you an artist but it not something I can not handle so ya Novelty Is A Working dream and it Developing each and Everyday cause I have people around me who see my vision and Goals..

Q:I’m impressed I must say speaking of visions and goals for the fact this has been a baby who started from breast feeding and today he is struggling to walk,Yeah that novelty big up man and wishing you luck to all,So before we go which show can we expect with your name under line up and please leave us details for how to get in touch with you and your music?

A:Oww before we wrap it up can I say shout out to V12 on that Upcoming Vision and Goals Mixtape, Shout Out To Nolees Clothing, Shout Out To Mfisto Da Don, And Slyc and Shout Out to You Man With the Beautiful Craft Of Poetry U Keep Feeding Our Soul just Keep The Good Work, And Thanks To Everybody Whose Been With Me From day One. People who believe in L2 much Love

Q:Great stuff man big up to you too man for not letting your shadow fade from what you believe you can see even when it dark

A:Uhmmmm Kwi Twitter Ngingu @L2Everyday I’m Also On Facebook. Lethukuthula Yeni Or Just Visit My Page Novelty Music Stars That Where You can Find Mostly Of My Music Links And The Shows I Perform In or Events Ill Be In!

Q:Easy way man,Thanks so much man for your time and we just wanna wish you luck in everything for pitching to Ambition On Point aswell being a first artist for interview it means a lot to us,we will keep in touch just for more for your fans out there,Cheers man!

A:Thanks for the opportunity man it means a lot to me and My music



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