She clears the sky before she fly.

Orchestra in her wings.

As she sounds like piano keys

She pushes trees as she breath

Persuasive as she smuggle the breeze

Black labeled

Tiny lips like pages of new testament

Love forever in her commandment.

Resentment articulate as she crosses

the sky of heart.

Making a wish into my soul as she sees

a shooting star.

Wrapped me with her blanket wings.

Commander of my soul as she pushes me like trees.

Noble walk as she makes the sound of thunderstorm

In that white costume

Pretty wings that give comfort

She feeds me with her inside like I’m stuck in her womb.

Angel wings 

The commodore of this love boat.

I love you without your wings I wouldn be here or stand near.

My isabel as I live yes you’re elisheba

As we promise to fly together.




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