I have been left guessing around

Wondering when is my time 

You’re a true leader been told I don’t need a crown.

Asking myself which side of the road I must take 

Conscious responding maybe you should stop complaining

The future is in your hands 

Where else hands are empty what happened to the gifts 

Walking without peace 

Sorry I need a paternity test this is not a child I want to raise,

Horror in my closet as I keep my guess.

Turning my back from God what good and what’s not 

Teachers told me to study hard that means it my fault 

So the child you’re carrying is yours 

Maybe I should stop guessing around and accept who I am,

A heart without a friend.

Just an empty barrel a soul has left me searching for me,

Glued from what I should have been and could have been.

As the wheel begins to stand still 

A heaven without windows he should have thrown my blessings already

Stopped tithing lately 

What you expect of me 

My soul without a watch lost track of time 

Fallen from throne never been crowned 

Went back to the mirror it the same image with new refill of soul 

As I freeze thought a future went so cold 

Hope not to see summer in my life 

It changes nothing neither dollar or rands 

Because I’m still guessing around 





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