Poetry and Power of words 🙂 🙂

Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

She’s an infectionspreading

through hisimmunesystem.Hurts

sobad yet he wants her tokeep going.

It’s been thelongest timesince he’s felt

anything. He smiles at her as she takes

him apart. Won’tbe longtillshe

harvestshis heart.

Photographer Unknown

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Sometimes what appears as a problem in our lives is solution because we spend times cursing God instead of finding a solution to problems,Sometimes it is not a problem that becomes a problem but a solution to problem.


Remember God is not looking at the situation but he already sees victory to the situation because what he throws at us becomes a win to him as he believes in each and everyone of us,I remember when he promised the Israel honey sometimes the problem is not what you see as a problem every key you hold opens your doors,so as he promised Israel honey they had to fight bees first so they reach the honey.

So it not a fight but it a victory already always look at the bright side 🙂 🙂


By DaSoulstriker


What if the truth was televised and never lies on broadcast.

What if we were living the exactly life God planned.

What if Adam never ate the plant and Eva said NO.

What if Jesus piece was a fear in Jesus peace.

What if our pastors preach truth more than lies to fill their pockets.

What if the poor was rich and the rich was poor surely we would have never had presidents because our history begins in Kings those who held culture so we grow up knowing our roots.

What if we held bible more than guns our kids would have known the different between reality and a dream,sometimes what you call reality becomes a dream until your grave after death truth finds you and you wish to return back to tell us truth.

What if our fathers never left home and boys become men because of the presence of a father figure,Today we grow in mothers hands who doesn’t how to be man and hated a man because she thinks they are the same.

What if men wrote magazine telling woman about a real man because nowadays women write about men but they don’t know the real man.

What if articles were written based on experience not thoughts without experience.

What if i tell you that God sees us but we don’t see him because we seeking him in wrong places for wrong reasons.

What if i tell you that God always speaks but we never listen because we were busy listening to our pastors telling us that he takes time to answer when he answers immediately.

What if Jesus was a woman maybe most men would have followed because churches are full with more women attendance.

What if a man led his family as a man of the house more than he led woman to fill the table at the club.

What if school taught us morality more than how become to rich in a poor world or country.

What if women were taught how to keep family together than raising family separately,what if they were never taught Independence surely men would have gained respect.

What if Beyonce wrote a song how keep a man and family together as kindly irreplaceable more replaceable.

What if our tattoos were scriptures more than scary pictures,because our bodies are the temple of Christ so the walls are dirty how come you expect God to stay in there.


The word is God and the word is with God how much you use the word to create the world.


Greetings to all my friends who are going through hardest right at this moment,I just came here to tell you that doors are now open enter these open doors and be what you always pray to God asking him to give you.Never use God but allow him to use you so he can bless you,some day it not about what God can do for you but it about what you can for God….Stand up and be a tool that ready to be used by God.


Stay blessed 🙂 🙂 God is love and he is word so watch your negativity speaking be the positive thinker so you can spit out all positive things out of your mouth.



Sharing again 🙂 🙂 🙂


How bright our future usually get exposed by

the challenges we meet everyday.

The power between you and the challenges comes

the moment you triumph.

These challenges do two things in you:

Prepare you for what you about to become or

take away what you planning to become only if let go without fight.

”You want to know how bright your future is right now,Then check challenges you facing right now because you’re being prepare for what you about to become,My  name is future and you do  know me very well”

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