Over a thousand years

I been having in hand

You’re the one who can understand

You’re the one who can 


where I stand

With a spade and a pick

For that heart I dig

There’s no hard position for league

You never estimated me low just like building castles,

Looking for you is like seeking a word on a puzzle,

I am operating a diamond in hand

Polishing it you cost a lot 

Sweating trying so hard to find here with me

Each time we meet time I drive my body slowly just a car reaching humps,

That moment

you make 



Remove the past

And set a new cast

No matter how big your love can cost

This is a written


on a post

In a golden mine seeking for treasure

Please set my pleasure

Excitement I assure

Heavy of my thoughts like a ocean waves

Walk on top of me like a paving

As your heart drive in 

Your excitement is the fuel on my flesh

Drive my mind crazy

Don’t turn off I would be lazy

I am seeking the diamond yet it been found but not around





POEM BY| DaSoulstriker 

YEAR| 20|3



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